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    Crimson Clover

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    Medium Red Clover

  • Overgraze Ladino Clover

    EverGraze Brand Ladino Clover

    Large Leaf Type


    • Widely adapted, large-leaf ladino white clover for over-seeding into permanent pastures or as part of grass/legume mixtures
    • Best adapted to the Midwest, Mid-South and Northeastern U.S. and later maturing than small leaf types and most intermediate leaf types for superior vegetative yields
    • Less aggressive in pastures than small or intermediate leaf types
    • Plants are tolerant or resistant to the common diseases and viruses found in the marketing territory
    • In the field or pasture, look for tall, showy plants with an upright growth habit and large leaves with markings
  • Blaze Red Clover

    Blaze Red Clover


    Blaze Red Clover is a multi-purpose red clover that is suitable for hay, grazing, cover crops and pollinators. Blaze Red Clover is widely-adapted from the Upper Midwest and throughout the Transition Zone. Studies have shown that the addition of red clovers, like Blaze Red Clover, can significantly improve animal health and growth rate while fixing nitrogen and creating healthier soils. Blaze Red Clover is coated and preinoculated for planting ease. It can be easily frost seeded with a broadcast seeder or drilled at the same depth as cool season grasses.

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    White Dutch Clover

  • Stamina white clover

    Stamina White Clover


     Stamina White clover is a new intermediate-type selected for higher forage yield and persistence under extreme grazing pressure. As an intermediate, Stamina’s aggressive growth pattern has high stolon density and rooting, allowing it to persist well under hoof and grazing pressure. In yield and persistence testing across Midwest, Northeast and Mid-South universities, Stamina has firmly established itself as an elite high-yield, very persistent, durable white clover. Choose Stamina if you want a white clover for the long haul.

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    Ladino VNS Clover