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Blaze Red Clover


Blaze Red Clover is a multi-purpose red clover that is suitable for hay, grazing, cover crops and pollinators. Blaze Red Clover is widely-adapted from the Upper Midwest and throughout the Transition Zone. Studies have shown that the addition of red clovers, like Blaze Red Clover, can significantly improve animal health and growth rate while fixing nitrogen and creating healthier soils. Blaze Red Clover is coated and preinoculated for planting ease. It can be easily frost seeded with a broadcast seeder or drilled at the same depth as cool season grasses.

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  • High-yielding
  • Excellent persistence
  • Improved resistance to Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, and Black Patch
  • For use in beef, dairy, or hay operations


Seeding rates are 6-8 lbs. per acre with companion grasses or 10-12 lbs. per acre as a stand-alone crop. Blaze Red Clover can also be established successfully by no-tilling or broadcast while grasses aren’t rapidly growing. Avoid over applying nitrogen during establishment of Blaze Red Clover. Blaze Red Clover is preinoculated for seeding. The proper time of seeding is determined by seasonal and moisture conditions. This may vary from late winter to May. Late summer and fall seedings should be planted with adequate moisture to assure establishment before freezing.


Management for forage is aimed at maintaining 20% to 30% clover. High nitrogen applications (>50-60 lbs N per acre) of cool season grass will outgrow clover in fall and winter and could smother the clover. Spring applications of nitrogen will stimulate grass and provide early feed, but excessive rates are detrimental to the clover stand. Maintaining proper pH, potassium, and phosphate levels with a soil test greatly benefit clovers in grass.