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Vivant Hybrid Brassica


 Vivant is a quick-growing, leafy brassica with minimal bulb development and is best suited for multiple grazings. Vivant was selected for late bolting and vigorous regrowth after grazing. Vivant’s high feed quality and digestibility leads to increased animal performance and increased producer profits.

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  •  Less bolting
  • High digestibility
  • Fast establishing
  • High yielding, leafy forage
  • Good for grazing
  • Strong regrowth
  • Provides quick forage


Allow at least 35– 40 days before initial grazing of Vivant and then expect to re-graze in 25-30 day intervals. Graze no lower than 4” if for multiple grazings. Overgrazing can damage the crown and should be avoided. To maximize regrowth potential, graze before the plant bolts. For best results, soil should pH should be at least 5.6 and ideally between 5.8 and 6.2. Apply at least between 35-55 lbs of phosphate per acre at planting and a light application of nitrogen after grazing. However, its recommend to avoid high nitration levels in order to reduce nitrate issues in the crop. For best results, retain a soil sample analysis and adjust soils accordingly.


Avoid sowing seeds too deep and too far apart. Ideal depth for most forage seeds is 1/8-1/4 inches. Planting seeds deeper than ¼ inch may not allow them to establish. Sufficient seed-to-soil contact is extremely vital. Rolling or packing the soil after seeding can ensure this. If no-tilling, the right seeding depth is 1/4 inches deep. Vivant can be broadcast seeded followed by harrowing, packing or livestock hoofing it in. Vivant may be aerial seeded in late summer for fall/winter grazing.

  • Direct Drilling: 3-5 lbs. /ac
  • Broadcasting: 4-6 lbs. /ac
  • Seeding with other species: 2-3lbs. /ac