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Stamina White Clover


 Stamina White clover is a new intermediate-type selected for higher forage yield and persistence under extreme grazing pressure. As an intermediate, Stamina’s aggressive growth pattern has high stolon density and rooting, allowing it to persist well under hoof and grazing pressure. In yield and persistence testing across Midwest, Northeast and Mid-South universities, Stamina has firmly established itself as an elite high-yield, very persistent, durable white clover. Choose Stamina if you want a white clover for the long haul.

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  •  Intermediate type
  • High yielding
  • Excellent persistence
  • Aggressive growth pattern and stolon density
  • Use in grazing systems, wildlife habitat or erosion control


The standard seeding rate is 2-5 lbs per acre. For pasture establishment, seeds are drilled into a well-prepared seedbed that has been plowed, harrowed, and compacted to produce a firm seedbed. Stamina White Clover can also be established successfully by no-tilling or broadcast while grasses aren’t rapidly growing. Avoid overapplying nitrogen during establishment of Stamina White Clover. The seeds are inoculated before seeding. The proper time of seeding is determined by seasonal and moisture conditions. This may vary from April to May. Late summer and fall seedings should be conducted while adequate moisture is still in the soil to assure establishment before freezing. 


Management for forage is aimed at maintaining 20% to 30% clover. Close grazing (2 inch stubble height) favors clover, whereas light grazing favors grass. Well-fertilized grass will outgrow clover in fall and winter and could smother the clover. Spring applications of nitrogen will stimulate grass and provide early feed, but excessive rates are detrimental to the clover stand. Maintaining proper potassium and phosphate levels per soil test greatly benefit clovers in grass.