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Estancia Fescue


Estancia tall fescue produces tons of nutritious, palatable, high-quality forage that results in healthier cows, heavier weaning calves and improved steer and heifer weight gains. Estancia is the result of years of laboratory and field research by the University of Arkansas in cooperation with the University of Missouri. Estancia is a medium-maturing, high-yielding tall fescue with excellent seedling vigor. ArkShield® is a patented smart endophytic fungus that lives inside Estancia seed and plants in a mutually-beneficial relationship protecting the grass from disease, insects and environmental stresses like heat and drought. ArkShield® is natural and desirable in forage grasses and has no known negative effects on livestock. The ArkShield® endophyte makes Estancia a more productive and persistent perennial forage grass. In addition, Estancia is unique in the non-toxic tall fescue marketplace in that it not only contains a superb non-toxic endophyte, but Estancia is the combination of ArkShield® with base genetics of HiMag tall fescue, developed for higher magnesium levels to minimize grass tetany potential in cattle and sheep.

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  • Smart endophyte protection
  • Exceptionally high yielding
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Persistent variety
  • Medium maturity
  • University tested and proven
  • Himag tall fescue base genetics in tandem with Arkshield endophyte


New pasture: 20-25 lbs. /acre Renovation/Overseeding existing pastures: 10-15lbs. /acre

Avoid sowing seeds too deep and too far apart. Ideal depth for most forage seeds is 1/8-1/4 inches. Planting seeds deeper than 1/4 inch may not allow them to establish. Sufficient seed-to-soil contact is extremely vital. Rolling or packing the soil after seeding can ensure this. If no-tilling, the right seeding depth is 1/4- 3/8 inches deep.