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Centurion Annual Ryegrass


Centurion is an ideal choice for dairies, beef, and hay operations that need an annual ryegrass that can perform in multiples roles, as well as for growers looking for a strong cover crop. Centurion sets the bar in university testing across the U.S. with a 109% average of the trial means in 15 locations and 29 trials over 8 years versus competing varieties. Centurion establishes quickly, outcompeting and suppressing weeds, capturing residual nitrogen and helping build organic matter. A proven winterhardy annual with agronomic traits that growers trust for forage or cover crop.

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  • Proven winter hardiness
  • Forage yield leader
  • Superior disease resistance
  • Selected for cover crop use
  • Superb forage quality
  • Deep roots
  • Quick and vigorous establisher


Centurion readily establishes on loosened bare soil or in close-cut harvested fields. For typical new seeding, plant at a rate of 30-35 lbs. per acre. For overseeding and cover crop use seed at a rate of 25-35 lbs. per acre for pastures. Use a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill, or broadcast followed by a cultipacker. Seed to soil contact is critical to successful germination and establishment. For highest hay quality harvest at initial boot stage.


Proper management begins with correct fertilization. Soil sampling is a great tool to get baseline soil fertility inventory, especially on pH, organic matter, phosphorus, potassium and other macro and micro elements to best determine application rates based on soil maintenance and nutrient removal. Correct nitrogen application rates should consider organic matter, yield goals, stocking rate, etc. Your local agronomy input supplier or extension service can provide valuable regional information. Control broadleaf weeds as necessary.