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    Purple Top Turnip

  • Jackpot Forage Turnip

    Jackpot Turnip S/O


    Jackpot is a new erect-growing forage turnip with multiple crowns and a firmly anchored round bulb suitable for grazing and cover crops. The Jackpot bulb doesn’t protrude out of the soil as much as other types, allowing it to regrow and reduce hoof damage. In addition, Jackpot has excellent palatability and digestibility which increases intake and animal performance. Maturity is within 60-90 days of germination with optimum regrowth within 30 days for rotational grazing. Jackpot is also an excellent nitrogen scavenger making it ideal for use in cover crops. With greater soil contact than the old purple tops or tankard shaped bulbs, Jackpot is the superior choice for soil health. Strike it rich with Jackpot!

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  • Vivant Hybrid Brassica

    Vivant Hybrid Brassica


     Vivant is a quick-growing, leafy brassica with minimal bulb development and is best suited for multiple grazings. Vivant was selected for late bolting and vigorous regrowth after grazing. Vivant’s high feed quality and digestibility leads to increased animal performance and increased producer profits.

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  • Aerifi Radish

    Aerie Radish

    Certified Radish 

    Aerifi is bred for uniform growth, fast establishment and later maturity; Aerifi flowered 3-4 days later than the competitors variety. Aerifi was also bred to produce an extra long tap root. In 2013 Aerifis’ tap root was 130% longer than a leading competitor brand and in 2014 it was 110% longer. This extra long tap root allows Aerifi to excel at scavenging lost nutrients deep in the soil profile. As it decomposes those nutrients are released back into the top- soil and made available for the next crop.

    Aerifi is also very fast to germinate which allows it to out compete weeds. It’s fast growth gives Aerifi a better chance to establish before temperatures drop and kill slower varieties.

    As a CERTIFIED crop you are guaranteed that what you plant is the crop you paid for. This certification process assures that the results you have come to expect will be repeated year- after- year and that your cover crop is performing at it’s optimum level.

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