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AFX 647 Alfalfa



  • Semi-dormant variety with excellent performance for high yields and forage quality
  • Germination and forage salinity tolerance for tough soils
  • Demonstrates a 4% yield advantage over Cisco II in alfalfa yield trials


  • Well adapted to the transitional zone between dormant and non-dormant alfalfas
  • Fits the wide range of soil types, production practices and harvest systems found in the transitional zone
  • Medium harvest maturity, fast recovery after harvest and persistence for medium and longer rotations

Appearance at Harvest Maturity

  • Medium-tall plant with large medium green leaves



  • Yield Rating: 5 or Best
  • Fall Dormancy: 6
  • Winter hardiness: –
  • Multifoliate leaf expression: Trifoliate
  • Salinity tolerance:
    Germination: Tolerant
    Forage production: Tolerant


  • Anthracnose: HR
  • Bacterial wilt: HR
  • Fusarium wilt: HR
  • Phytophthora Root Rot : R
  • Verticillium Wilt : R
  • Blue alfalfa aphid: R
  • Cowpea aphid: R
  • Pea aphid: MR
  • Spotted alfalfa aphid: R
  • Northern root knot nematode: HR
  • Southern root knot nematode: HR
  • Stem nematode: R