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AFX 457 Salt Tolerant Alfalfa



  • Carries the complete package for high yield, persistence, and forage quality when establishing and growing alfalfa on high EC fields or with high EC irrigation water
  • Adapted to all areas of the Great Plains and Intermountain West, especially where salinity limits the production of dairy quality hay
  • Aggressive seeding growth for rapid stand establishment with or without salinity


  • No yield drag if planted into non-saline soils
  • Fits western production practices and geographies where fall dormancy 3, 4 or 5 alfalfas are grown
  • Medium-early maturity to fit late-bud harvest systems to maximize the harvest for the area each season



  • Yield Rating: 5 or best
  • Fall Dormancy : 4
  • Winter hardiness class : 2
  • Multifoliate leaf expression: 76%/Moderate
  • FastGrowth rating: 1.84/Moderate


  • Anthracnose: HR
  • Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 1) : HR
  • Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 2) : HR
  • Bacterial wilt: HR
  • Fusarium wilt: HR
  • Phytophthora Root Rot : HR
  • Fusarium Wilt : HR
  • Verticillium Wilt : HR
  • Blue alfalfa aphid: R
  • Cowpea aphid: R
  • Pea aphid: R
  • Spotted alfalfa aphid: R
  • Northern Root Knot: R
  • Stem nematode: R