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  • Charger Teff Grass

    Charger Teff Grass


    • Warm-season, summer annual grass that produces multiple crops of high quality and palatable hay for horses, dairy and beef cattle
    • Low input crop that is easy to grow
  • Bonus Teff Grass

    Bonus Teff Grass


    BONUS is a fine-stemmed warm season annual grass that produces multiple crops of high quality forage in a short growing season. BONUS has performed very well for growers across the country and in limited university tests for this new variety. BONUS can be used for all classes of livestock and gives growers the option of a warm season annual without concern for issues with prussic acid. Overall forage quality of BONUS teff is above average compared to many warm season grasses whether considering crude protein, digestible fiber or relative forage quality. BONUS is a very fine-textured hay, comparable to timothy, and nicely fills the gap in summer forage production for all classes of livestock.

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  • FPO Timothy Grass

    Timothy Grass VNS