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  • Optima Orchard Grass

    Optima Brand Orchard Grass


    • Late-maturing, long-lived, winter-hardy perennial bunchgrass that can be grown alone or in a mixture for hay or pasture
    • Widely adapted orchardgrass with increased tillering to produce a dense stand without the clumping of traditional varieties
    • Excellent rust resistance
    • An ideal component in mixtures with alfalfa
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    Potomac Orchard Grass

  • Rushmore II early maturity orchard grass

    Rushmore II Early Maturing Orchard Grass


    Rushmore II is an early-maturing orchardgrass ideal for use in grazing and hay operations. An ideal fit for colder northern climates, Rushmore II exhibits excellent winter hardiness, but also performs well in further South locations as seen in University of Kentucky forage variety trials. Rushmore II produces tons of forage that is very high in protein, perfect for dairy cows or beef cattle. With improved disease resistance, Rushmore II can withstand grazing pressure as well. Rushmore II has great seedling vigor, establishes quickly, and persists as a variety with 25+ trial years in university variety trials, it performs in a wide geography.

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  • Devour Orchardgrass

    Devour Grazing Type Orchard Grass


    Devour is the new leader of the class of grazing-type orchardgrasses. Devour was bred to withstand the rigors of intensive grazing systems which can destroy lesser varieties. The lower-growing pattern of Devour (picture at right) enables it to persist under extended periods of hoof traffic. Devour is quick to establish and canopies quickly after harvesting, outcompeting weeds for higher-quality, higher-yielding pasture for your livestock. Devour is a late-maturing variety, with great disease resistance that can be used in tandem with clovers, alfalfa, or like-maturity cool-season grasses.

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  • Bighorn Orchardgrass

    Bighorn Medium Maturing Orchard Grass


    Bighorn Orchardgrass is a medium maturity variety simply bred for big yields. Bighorn has been widely-tested in university variety trials in Kentucky, New York and Pennsylvania, and more than exceeds expectations on yield and persistence. Bighorn shows industry-leading seedling vigor and quick establishment for great first year yields, as well as excellent disease resistance that adds to the variety’s great persistence. One of Mountain View Seeds newest releases, Bighorn’s maturity fits a wide geography and management types, and is a workhorse in our orchardgrass lineup. 

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  • Alpine II Late Maturing Orchardgrass

    Alpine II Late Maturing Orchard Grass

     Late Maturing Orchardgrass

    Alpine II Orchardgrass is a top-rated, very late-maturing orchardgrass. Late-maturing orchardgrasses can quickly become disease susceptible varieties with lower yield potential, which isn’t the case with Alpine II. It’s able to produce high-quality, disease-free forage later in the season, making it the industry’s go-to for very late orchardgrass, especially as a companion crop with alfalfa, red clover or other legumes. Alpine II performs well in university variety trials in Kentucky and Wisconsin, as well as New York and Pennsylvania. Alpine II Orchardgrass exhibits superb agronomic traits such as strong seedling vigor, quick establishment, and high winterhardiness as well.

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