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  • AFX 263RR Alfalfa

    AFX 463RR Alfalfa


    • A yield potential, Hi-Gest alfalfa for geographies using fall dormancy 4-5 varieties
    • A product of forward breeding for improved yield and forage quality
    • Features improved fiber digestibility and better animal performance when compared to other conventionally bred varieties. Variety patent pending


    • Responds to today’s recommend best management practices
    • Adapted to aggressive high quality production systems or more relaxed high yield practices
    • No known soil type limitations


    • Plants are medium-tall with a dense canopy of dark green leaves up and down the stems
    • A strong foliar leaf disease package contributes to a high leaf-to-stem ratio and higher crude protein
  • Magnum 100RR Alfalfa

    Magna 100RR Brand Alfalfa

    Roundup Ready® alfalfa

    • Good disease resistance
    • Very winterhardy
    • High resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 1 & 2
    • Early season weed control with glyphosate herbicides helps improve establishment success