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  • HybriForce 2600 alfalfa

    HybriForce 2600 Alfalfa

    Proven Proformer

    • Gen-2 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology
    • Season long productivity to better utilize available soil moisture
    • Spring frost tolerance
    • Excellent drought tolerance
    • Fine stems and fast drydown
    • Winter hardy, fall dormancy 6
    • Strong nematode resistance package
  • HybriForce 3600 alfalfa

    HybriForce 3600 Alfalfa

    Excellent Pest Resistance

    • Gen-3 hybrid using msSuntra® Hybrid Alfalfa Technology
    • 5% higher yield than HybriForce-2600 in head-to-head trials
    • Very strong yield performance over the life of the stand
    • Excellent pest resistances
    • Available through Alforex Seeds, call 877.560.5181 for more information
  • HybriForce 3430 Hi-Gest alfalfaHi-Gest Alfalfa Technology

    HybriForce 3430 Hi-Gest Alfalfa

    Hi-Gest® Hybrid Alfalfa for Improved Forage Quality

    • Gen-3 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra® Hybrid and Hi-Gest® Alfalfa Technology
    • Our best alfalfa for high quality forage
    • High milk per acre in delayed cutting situations
    • Produces fine-stemmed palatable forage
    • Excellent disease resistance
  • Hybriforce 3400 Alfalfa

    HybriForce 3400 Alfalfa

    Yield and Quality


    • New Standard for Yield Potential
    • The highest yielding alfalfa we’ve ever released
    • Gen-3 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology
    • 9% higher yielding than competitors
    • 13% higher yielding than Roundup Ready competitors
    • 3.6% lower lignin than competitive varieties in 982 on-farm head-to-heads
    • Improves yield and maintains quality beyond 28-day cut
    • Shows exceptional yields in good years and in drought years
    • Provides a dense, uniform stand of high quality forage
    • Very fine stemmed and palatable
    • Awesome leaf retention in good conditions and under stress

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